Build an email list

With building your email list, there is only one rule and one rule only,
And that’s: never buying or renting a list!

There are more rules, but let’s just focus on that one for now.

Buying an email list can lead to low open-rates, which lead to bad brand appearance,
and even hefty fines from privacy protection agencies.

So what should you do to build up a quality email list?

Well, you can build your email list by producing a free e-book, 
maybe you can offer a free trial of your service or an online seminar or other experience?


Whatever you offer, it needs to be something valuable enough to convince them to part with their personal email information.

In addition to the landing page, most websites will let you place a pup-op to collect email.

Set one to appear after the user has spent some time on your site,
which indicates that they’re receiving value and might be open to more information.


And if your business involve online ordering,
make sure customers are prompted to opt into your email list when making a purchase.


Why is it important that users opt in?

Well, having users opt in means they want to hear from you.

It also keeps you compliant with the ever-stricter anti-spam policies
being implemented by governments as well as email services themselves.

A double opt-in is even more effective, since it requires the user to open and
click an automated email they receive when signing up.


This, not only prevents users from giving fake emails,
but it also trains their email app.
And with that, we just got to the spam folder…

How you go about building your email list, will set the stage for future success.

But just as important is: How You Maintain Your List.